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we have GREAT T.C.N. NEWS

If you have not joined TCN so far, here is the link:

Global Thanks Giving Promotion "1000 Gift & Save Dollars"

Starts Right Now - Ends 11/27/2011 Sunday at Midnight.

First we were only going to offer it to our USA Agents.
Then we said let's include our Canada & Mexico Agents.
Then we could not leave out our Philippine Agents.
Then The Johnson Group said just do it Globally.

This is A Very Exciting Million Dollar Global Promotion.

Refer 15* from right now to Sunday Midnight = 500 Reward Dollars.

Refer 25* from right now to Sunday Midnight = 1000 Reward Dollars.

*Only those who validate both their e-mail and their cell phone will be counted.

T.C.N. is #1 on Day 23 in 200 Countries with 81,000 Agents
T.C.N. 1st Month is on track to go over 100,000 New Agents

Frequently Asked Questions:


What is a pyramid scheme is. It is by law a non-sustainable business model that involves promising participants payment or services, primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, rather than supplying any real investment or sale of products or services to the public. Pyramid schemes are a form of fraud. Now that you know what one is. Here is why T.C.N. is not. T.C.N. pays no commissions on or for the act of recruiting agents. Before T.C.N. pays any commissions and agent must perform a service(s) or sell a service(s) or product(s). An example of performing a service would be when an agent spends 3 to 5 minutes to place a FREE ad using our simple 3 step FREE system "The Get The Word Out Advertising System" and also agrees to receive up to 5 Texts or Emails in a 24 hour period. Those two items just mentioned is the foundation of our business model. As for selling a service or a product or even buying such for personal use is pretty self explanatory.


Do not get the word FREE mixed up with DO NOTHING. As explained in F.A.Q. #1 all compensation is based on someone performing a service or buying/selling a product or service.


Text Cash Network Inc is a USA Corporation and is own 100% by a five year old communication company which is another USA Corporation owned by The Johnson Group. We have not disclosed the communication's company name or contact information in fear that THOUSANDS OF AGENTS may or should we say would call them for information prior to our official launch of 12/12/2011. They are not an MLM or Marketing Company set up to handle such incoming calls. Once T.C.N. Customer Service Center is open they could then just re-direct such calls to T.C.N.


Advertising knows no boundaries. Advertising is a GLOBAL PRODUCT. Advertising is a Trillion Dollar Industry.


T.C.N. Corporate has a 100% separate division set up to call on traditional businesses worldwide. V.I.P. Agent will need to sell only 1 V.I.P. Advertising Package Annually. A sale to self to resell, to personally use or to just give it away as a gift would count as such. In fact when you personally use it or give it away as a gift it just may have some tax benefits. Check with a professional tax accountant.


The T.C.N. Website will be a work in progress for the next 6 to 12 months. We will continue to improve it as we grow and realize what works better. By 01/12/2012 or before T.C.N. will launch it's MEMBERS ONLY Website. This will be for people who wish to participate with our offers but not in the business side of Text Cash Network. We estimate a (up to) 20 to 1 ratio with Agent being 1 and Member being 20. Our 1st year goal is 1,000,000 Agents with 20,000,000 Members.


The Internet is The WILD WILD WEST when it comes to what people say about anything. The laws are very different today than they were even 3 years ago. They finally passed several laws that will allow a company like T.C.N. to protect it's good name and business model. And we will use the full extent of the law to protect T.C.N. when made available to us. Please note that many of these blogs or so called M.L.M. SELF PROCLAIMED CRITICS produced no legal documentation not substantial facts. Instead they hide behind such disclaimers such as IT IS MY OPINION or SO AND SO SAID OR CLAIMS. Now on the other hand if a Licensed MLM Practicing Attorney were to say such please let us know ASAP. NOTE ALSO: Many people who write these blogs hide behind bogus names, e-mails and even hide their ISP. If you ever come across someone who does slander or prints mis-information about our company and you have a real name and contact information please pass it on to our legal department located in your back office.


T.C.N. describes your team as YOU and all of your Personally Sponsored. You will be provided with the telephone numbers and e-mails supplied by your 1st level only. Many people on your 1st level do not want their upline communicating with their team. And if they did they could always supply such information to their upline.
By the 1st T.C.N. Pay Day you will see a Global Pay System in your back office. It will offer you many ways of receiving your compensation earned. From a simple transfer to your checking account or debit card to receiving a wire or an ACH. Optional T.C.N. Debit Cards will be offered. Referral Agents are paid monthly and V.I.P. Referral Agents will be paid weekly.


This is where the T.C.N. Back Office Software Tracking and Accounting System excels far beyond others. It will show every single transaction for every single part of the compensation plan. Every penny and we mean every nickle will be accounted for. Example if an agent earns $105.65 in the POWER-GRID. When they click on the $105.65 it will show where every penny of such compensation came from including the name or id# of the person is was derived from. You will be impressed.


Yes, and is very well known in The MLM Industry. In addition we have a host of traditional domestic and international legal representatives. Please note that our current and future legal team is not here to accept calls from our referral agents. They are hire and retained to insure us that we operate under the law within the countries we have chosen to do business in. They are also here to protect us from any legal entities or governmental agencies who wish to challenge our FREE ENTERPRISE SYSTEM.

Here is a 3 minute segment from 21st November night's call that will be heard around the world. Joe Reid introduced Brian McLane as a Leader of Leaders. Listen to the confidence, passion and excitement of his message. Especially when Brian says "Look past what you see today, what you see today is great, look 6 weeks down the road, 6 months down the road, one year down the road"

Those were very powerful words (look 6 months to 1 year down the road) because we here at corporate also believe that even though records are being broken. We will look back 6 months from now any say "Wow in comparison to where we are today those were humble beginnings"
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Over 1400 people attended last night's T.C.N. Leadership Call

If you have not joined TCN so far, here is the link:

Here is a 3 minute segment from last night's call that will be heard around the world. Joe Reid introduced Brian McLane as a Leader of Leaders. Listen to the confidence, passion and excitement of his message. Especially when Brian says "Look past what you see today, what you see today is great, look 6 weeks down the road, 6 months down the road, one year down the road"

Those were very powerful words (look 6 months to 1 year down the road) because we here at corporate also believe that even though records are being broken. We will look back 6 months from now any say "Wow in comparison to where we are today those were humble beginnings"


Six months from now will You still be thinking about it or will You have 10,000+ Referral Agents with 100,000+ Members within their 10 level POWER-GRID?

T.C.N. continues to be #1 on Day 21 T.C.N. will go over 75,000 New Agents in 192 Countries expecting to reach 100,000 New Agents in it's FIRST MONTH. Estimated MEMBERS per AGENT are 10 to 20. Giving T.C.N. The Future Potential of One Million Members from it's 1st Month of Recruited Agents. The T.C.N. 2012 Goal is 1 Million Agents with 20 Million Members. ONLY A FREE MARKETING MODEL CAN ACHIEVE SUCH A GOAL.

January 6th/7th 2012 - The T.C.N. Private Luxury Yacht Leadership Cruise.

Leadership will be invited to the new T.C.N. Corporate Offices to spend time with Brett Hudson, Joe Reid and The Johnson Group for a two day private event. Accommodations at one of Boca Raton, Florida's most luxurious hotels including meals will be paid for by Text Cash Network. Leaders will also enjoy a luxury private yacht cruise on the south Florida Intercoastal Waterway seeing mega million dollar homes on what many call "The VENUS of AMERICA". Invitation is only for leaders who have reach the level of SENIOR EXECUTIVE or PRESIDENTIAL with over 10,000 Agents in their POWER-GRID by 01/01/2012.

Many have already qualified such as:

Joe Reid with 70 Personally Referred
And a 10 Level Team of 46021

David Reid with 121 Personally Referred
And a 10 Level Team of 34806

David Sherman with 82 Personally Referred
And a 10 Level Team of 32905

Hup S Eng with 66 Personally Referred
And a 10 Level Team of 23955

Ancel Fernandes 72 Personally Referred
And a with a 10 Level Team of 23582

Aslam Jawaid with 76 Personally Referred
And a 10 Level Team of 11163

Sherm Mason with a 101 Personally Referred
And a 10 Level Team of 10839


Brett Hudson and Joe Reid are planing a 10 city national tour in January & February 2012. Leaders who want to be considered to host a city tour with a minimum of 200 in attendance please e-mail TCNLEADERSHIP@GMAIL.COM

Show Me The T.C.N. Money

FACT: Text Cash Network Inc is 100% owned by a 5 year old successful communications company run and owned by The Johnson Family. There is no other ownership.

FACT: Official Launch Takes Place on 12/12/2011

FACT: New Corporate Offices opens January 2012

FACT: Brett Hudson is President of Text Cash Network Inc and is well qualified to take T.C.N. to the success level of Groupon which was just rated a 16 Billion Dollar Company as of this week. Both Johnson and Hudson have a vision for T.C.N. with millions of agents and clients to become a Serious Global Giant. Some info and great press on Mr Brett Hudson just GOOGLE:

Brett Hudson President of Universal Cash Express
Brett Hudson CEO of ATM Paycards
Brett Hudson World Wide Web Institute

Brett Hudson feels that Text Cash Network will be the most successful company of his professional career.

FACT: We retained the best tracking software money can buy which can handle over 100,000 Member/Agent Applications Daily.




If you have not joined TCN so far, here is the link:

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If you have not joined TCN so far, here is the link:

Good morning, Good afternoon or Good evening, whatever it may
be at your end to all the valued business partners of our team.
Just go through what David Reid has shared on November 9 about
Text Cash Network two days before the start of official pre-launch
of the company. We all know that David Reid is among top leadership
in the company, his group size has already touching 33,000 in just
18 days, WOW...Just go through what he has to say below:
I just wanted to quickly touch bases and let you know that I had another chat early tonight with Brett Hudson, the president of Text Cash Network.
TCN, as you may know, is growing very rapidly, and I just wanted to confirm again, just to be sure, that this was the real deal, we were building on solid ground, and this would not end in disappointment, like so many other opportunities have in recent months and years.
When we see something that starts to take a life of it’s own, and makes sense, like TCN is and does, we want to believe that it could be real. We don’t want to be let down again, with bad ownership, unprofessional management, legal problems, inability to deliver, and any various number of other issues. Life is far too precious to be wasting time in dead end deals, and we desperately need to be building on honest, solid, market/product driven ground, that is irresistable, viral, financially sound for the company, highly lucrative for the reps, and has everything in place to handle massive growth.
We want something easy, early, real, and fun, where we can do a little work to get things going, and our organizations take a thrilling life of their very own, as others see the vision, and duplicate. I believe this is one of those rare combination of factors. It does not take a rocket scientist to see the viability of this model. It’s obvious. It makes sense that advertisers would love to promote their offers to a willing and captive audience, that eventually will be geo-targetted in various ways. I know, as much as we all do, that is sometimes hard to believe, that there actually could be a company that will last, will truly move from the prelaunch stage of growth, and continue to go viral, deep into the mainstream. And getting into the mainstream, being a truly product/service driven company, is the only way to create lasting success.
Well, I am beyond happy to say that I believe from the core of my being, that this could be and is one of those companies. After speaking with Brett Hudson for the 2nd time, tonight, my confidence level of where this company is going has risen even more, and it was already very high. I do not say this from any level of hype, but from genuine inner enthusiasm. I am excited! The people behind this are highly seasoned and experienced. Bios on Brett Hudson and the Johnson Group will be posted on the site. This will have a fortune 500 look and feel to it.
They have very big plans for this company, and know exactly how to get there. over 3,900 distributors today, over 19,000 members so far. I know some doubt this is real, or are sitting on the side, waiting to see. All I can say is that I think all doubts and fears are going to quickly vanish as people see this pre- launch, see all the aspects of the compensation plan, meet the management team, understand the vision of TCN, and continue to see an ever increasing viral growth. Of course as payments go out, site upgrades happen, customer service comes online, and this thing takes a life of it’s own, it will be those who took the chance at this early stage, and spread the “no risk” word, who will be smiling. Over time, things always become evident, and neither fear and doubt, nor hyped up overblown expectations, will turn out to be the reality here. When we see what exactly Text Cash Network is, not what we believe about it, then everything will become clear.
On 11/11/11 we will have the official prelaunch of Text Cash Network. I think this is going to be a blessed day for all members, and the beginning of a long, exciting, and highly fruitful experience for TCN members. This is easy to share with folks. People instantly get it. One thing Brett has said over and over in our conversations:
“Just tell them, they can know for sure…we will deliver on our end. Everything is in place and ready to handle the masses. We know this will be huge. The back end is rock solid. The distributors can focus 100% on building, with total and absolute confidence. People will soon see how real and how big TCN is”.
So, there you have it my friends. Don’t sit on the sidelines, for these last few precious days before official pre-launch. People who have never had success before are seeing the little bit of work they took to share this with some friends, turn into hundreds and hundreds of people, and growing ever faster. Text Cash Network, I feel in my bones, is going to be one of the rare companies, that truly explodes into the mainstream, and creates fortunes for those who see the vision and take action. If you choose to, at any time, you can do the needful and be one of those. Don’t pre-qualify anyone. In this economy, there are few who are not looking for a plan B.
This is for real, and more and more networkers are feeling it with TCN. There are bigger and more mainstream networkers taking notice and joining TCN now. You are here, at the beginning, with a rare opportunity in your hands…
Don’t say I didn’t tell you. Let’s take these next few days before the beginning of pre-launch, step out of our confort zone, and share TCN with everyone around us. No risk, huge potential gain, perfect timing, for a service that is “no brainer obvious”. I don’t know what else to say!
Thanks for reading, and I hope you get my drift.

David Reid
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Show me the Money – TCN Power Pay Plan basic idea

As we know that exact TCN pay plan is going to be announced soon but
going the information below we can make ourselves aware how the TCN
pay plan is going to be. Here it is:

Power Pay Plan

#1. The POWER-GRID pays FREE & VIP Referral Agents
#2. The POWER-LINE pays FREE & VIP Referral Agents
#3. The POWER-SHARE pays ONLY VIP Referral Agents
#4. The POWER-MATCH pays ONLY VIP Referral Agents


The 100% FREE POWER-GRID pays a Referral Agent a MAXIMUM of $.75 to $1.50 Per Active Referral Agent up to 10 Levels of Referrals. A 2x10 & 3x10 is displayed on your website. However, since there are no limits on the amount of referrals a Referral Agent may refer. There could be a billion different combinations. Here are real examples of real referral agents who have already reached 10 levels of referrals within 14 days.

Here is an Referral Agent who personally referred 77 Referral Agents; The 77 collectively referred 321 onto his 2nd level; The 321 collectively referred 820 onto his 3rd level; The 820 collectively referred 2071 onto his 4th level; The 2071 collectively referred 2809 onto his 5th level; The 2809 collectively referred 3527 onto his 6th level; The 3527 collectively referred 4530 onto his 7th level; The 4530 collectively referred 4327 onto his 8th level; The 4327 collectively referred 3616 onto his 9th level; The 3616 collectively referred 2894 onto his 10th level for a grand total of 24,992 with a MAXIMUM TEXT PAY of $20,914.50 Monthly.

Here is an Referral Agent who personally referred 11 Referral Agents; The 11 collectively referred 148 onto his 2nd level; The 148 collectively referred 487 onto his 3rd level; The 487 collectively referred 642 onto his 4th level; The 642 collectively referred 630 onto his 5th level; The 630 collectively referred 431 onto his 6th level; The 431 collectively referred 198 onto his 7th level; The 198 collectively referred 178 onto his 8th level; The 178 collectively referred 169 onto his 9th level; The 169 collectively referred 108 onto his 10th level for a grand total of 3,002 with a MAXIMUM TEXT PAY of $2,332.50 Monthly.

We find it simpler to say 10 levels by the power of 2 equals a MAXIMUM TEXT PAY of $2,302.50 Monthly. Bring it up to the power of 3 and it is just to much to put into print.

NOTE: All of the above is based on The 100% Free Model. All of the above has a BILLION Combinations based on how many referred how many on each level up to TEN LEVELS of Referral Agents.

#2 THE POWER LINE is NOT A BINARY (Patent Pending)

When the Exclusive POWER-LINE Tracking Chart is available you may truly grasp how powerful THE POWER-LINE IS. The POWER-LINE Compensation is shared by both 100% FREE & VIP Referral Agents. In the POWER-LINE a FREE or VIP Referral Agent may have many LINKED BONUS POWER-LINE Positions with each one awarded Bonus Points. Each one duplicating itself over and over again and again. A 100% Free Referral Agent could be awarded tens, hundreds or even thousands of LINKED BONUS POWER-LINE Positions. The key word is LINKED. Currently we have over 55,000 Referral Agents in the POWER-LINE. Now imagine YOU just register as a new 100% FREE Referral Agent. HOWEVER in about 24 hours everyone of the 54,000 Referral Agents will have a LINKED BONUS POSITION in front of you generating many more LINKED BONUS POSITIONS to your original FREE POSITION. Each one awarded bonus points with each bonus point having potential compensation for your original position. Again once you see the real time tracking chart in your FREE BACK OFFICE all will be clearer.

How fast you receive additional LINKED BONUS POSITIONS will be based on your level of achievement as follows:

You will receive Free LINKED Bonus Pool POWER-LINE Positions as follows:
Every Free RA will get an entry in the Power-Line when they register and will be awarded 100 Power-Line Points for such.
A Free RA who personally refers 5 Free RAs will be awarded an additional linked position in the Power-Line and will receive 50 Power-Line Points for such.
A free RA will get an additional linked position in the Power-Line every time 1000 positions are placed in front of them and will receive 50 Power-Line Points for such.
3A. OPTIONAL: RA who upgrade to VIP Status will receive an additional linked position in the Power-Line and will receive 500 Power-Line Points for such.
3B. A VIP RA will get an additional linked position in the Power-Line every time 3 personally referred RA’s become VIP and will receive 100 Power-Line Points for such. If the personally referred RA upgrades before the Referrer. The Referred forfeits the additional linked position in the Power-Line and Power-Line Points.
A 1 Star VIP will get an additional linked position in the Power-Line every time 500 new positions are placed in front of them and will receive 100 Power-Line Points for such. (1 Star VIP is a VIP with 1 personally sponsored active VIP)
A 3 Star VIP will get an additional linked position in the Power-Line every time 300 new positions are placed in front of them and will receive 100 Power-Line Points for such. (3 Star VIP is a VIP with 3 personally sponsored active VIPs)
A 5 Star VIP will get an additional linked position in the Power-Line every time 100 new positions are placed in front of them and will receive 100 Power-Line Points for such. (5 Star VIP is a VIP with 5 personally sponsored active VIPs)
A 10 Star VIP will get an additional linked position in the Power-Line every time 50 new positions are placed in front of them and will receive 100 Power-Line Points for such. (10 Star VIP is a VIP with 10 personally sponsored active VIPs)

#3 THE POWER-SHARE full details by 12/12 (Patent Pending)

This is possibly more exciting than The POWER-GRID, POWER-LINE and The POWER-MATCH Combined. When you see the details of this POWER-SHARE there will be potential personal sales commissions available of $500; $1,000; $5,000 and more. Plus an equal amount shared up to 10 levels of Active VIP Referral Agents in The POWER-GRID. Plus as you will see in the POWER-MATCH another equal amount shared with up to 5 Qualified Referral Agents in The POWER-GRID. Example: When a FREE or VIP Referral Agent earns $500 in The POWER-SHARE up to 10 additional Referral Agents could receive $50 which would also calculate another potential $500 in POWER-MATCH Bonuses paid to the Qualified Referral Agents in the upline.


Only VIP Referral Agents Can Earn POWER-MATCH Bonuses on the compensation earned up to 5 levels of Referral Agents in their POWER-GRID on compensation earned in The POWER-GRID, POWER-LINE and POWER-SHARE Compensation Plans as follows:

MANAGER earns a 20% POWER-MATCH on level 1
SENIOR MANAGER earns a 20% POWER-MATCH on levels 1 & 2
EXECUTIVE earns a 20% POWER-MATCH on levels 1, 2 & 3
SENIOR EXECUTIVE earns a 20% POWER-MATCH on levels 1, 2, 3 & 4
PRESIDENTIAL earns a 20% POWER-MATCH on levels 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

MANAGER is a VIP RA with 3 Personal VIP RAs
SENIOR MANAGER is a VIP RA with 3 Personal Managers
EXECUTIVE is a VIP RA with 3 Personal Sr Managers
SENIOR EXECUTIVE is a VIP RA with 3 Personal Executives
PRESIDENTIAL is a VIP RA with 3 Personal Senior Executives

Soon your T.C.N. POWER COMPENSATION PLAN will be available in your back office with charts and diagrams for a better understanding.

IMPORTANT: The following paragraph MUST BE READ ALOUD or whenever The Text Cash Network compensation plan is presented verbally, by phone, or included in its entirety when communicating in writing, e-mail or webinar:

The Text Cash Network is a 100% FREE OPPORTUNITY. Any purchase of any product or service is 100% OPTIONAL. There are three levels of involvement. Members, Referral Agents & VIP Referral Agents. VIP Referral Agents have sold or purchased a domestic or international VIP Advertising Package to a Non-Member or Non-Referral Agent.

If a Member or Referral Agent wants to participate in The POWER-SHARE TEXT POOL ADVERTISING PROGRAM, They must be very clear that you are purchasing TEXT PACKAGES for T.C.N. to GIVE AWAY as FREE TEST for businesses to try our service 100% FREE. You are NOT purchasing stock or any other form of "investment" or equity. You MUST actually use the TEXTS that you purchase or give them to The T.C.N. POWER-SHARE ADVERTISING PROGRAM. Affiliates who present our products to others in a misleading manner or in a way that leads the buyer to believe he or she is making an investment or purchasing equities will be terminated and all commissions and awards will be forfeited. Buyers MUST read "How The T.C.N. POWER-SHARE ADVERTISING PROGRAM Works" on The Text Cash Network website and The Legal Disclaimers."

If you have not joined TCN so far, here is the link:

Honey Syed
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Let’s understand the Business Model of Text Cash Network Inc.

Do you realize that The T.C.N. "100% FREE AGENT" Model has more potential
than thousands of other opportunities that ask you for hundreds and thousands
of dollars. For Example:

a) 2x2 duplication upto 10 level all 100% free pays a MAXIMUM of
$2,302.50 Monthly.
b) 3x3 duplication upto 10 level all 100% free pays a MAXIMUM of
$110,715.75 Monthly.

FACT: T.C.N. earns more money on it's 100% FREE model than it's future VIP
model. WHY? Because the VIP Model will be a LOSS LEADER OPTION for T.C.N.
(so please by all means feel FREE to stay 100% FREE and allow T.C.N. to
earn more)

What are we implying when we write:

"Groupon 1 vs T.C.N. 60,000"

Groupon has 1 website they drive traffic to. Text Cash Network has over 60,000
websites today and growing by 5,000 to 10,000 websites daily to drive traffic to.


Our Agents & Members win since they can still get all the benefits and services
with Groupon and all the Groupon Type Daily Deal Companies.

Our Business Clients WIN because our Advertising Model is 100 times better than
The Groupon Type Daily Deals Model.

NOTE: We are not asking even one of you to sell advertising to businesses for
TEXT CASH NETWORK. The Johnson Family has another company with in house
sales reps and over 1000 telemarketers to do such type sales. But we just wanted
to share with you why businesses would chose TEXT CASH NETWORK over The
Groupon Type Deals.

What will be the difference between Groupon Type Daily Deals and Text Cash
Network Daily Deals.

#1 With Groupon Type Daily Deals. The Daily Deal companies collect the funds up
front and then passes a portion of such funds back to the business which had to
honor such coupons. In many cases the business does not receive any of the
funds for up to 60 to 90 days. Putting a tremendous cash flow strain on small
businesses. With TEXT CASH NETWORK the consumers pay all of the funds
directly to the business.

#2 With Groupon Type Daily Deals your discount MUST be 50% or greater. With
TEXT CASH NETWORK, the business chooses what discount to offer consumers.

#3 With Groupon Type Daily Deals are actually gift certificates purchased by the
consumer. With TEXT CASH NETWORK, they are FREE coupons with a discount

#4 With Groupon Type Daily Deals, you give up at least 75% (SEVENTY FIVE %!)
off your retail price! (50% to the consumer, and 50% of the balance to Groupon!)
Your advertising expense is ENORMOUS! With TEXT CASH NETWORK, a local
business can publish coupons at any time for a fixed price as low as $99. (These
sales are made direct to the businesses from T.C.N. in house sales reps).

#5 With Groupon Type Daily Deals, a business needs to accept an unlimited number
of discounted sales. Most businesses are not ready to give up 75% on hundreds of
sales? Most businesses can not handle that much low-margin or no-margin at all
type business? With TEXT CASH NETWORK, a business can make unlimited
changes to their coupon offer for FREE... 24/7... so they can change and tweak and
test and measure to find the BEST offer for their business and for their customers.
You can improve your offer, reduce it, or take it down ANYTIME.

#6 With Groupon Type Daily Deals, (BY LAW) you MUST accept their 50% off
certificates for at least 5 years! With TEXT CASH NETWORK, a business can set
the expiration date for any date. It's their choice.

#7 With Groupon Type Daily Deals, If a business gets 100 new customers @ 50%
discount, Each pays $50 for $100 of the product or service, the business pays
Groupon Type Daily Deal Companies $2,500. With TEXT CASH NETWORK, the
business will pay an average of $99 to $199 monthly.

#8 Groupon Type Daily Deals do not offer any business loyalty rewards programs.
The Johnson Group has spent over 10 years in the consumer loyalty and reward
programs. Hands down TEXT CASH NETWORK WINS.

If you have not joined TCN so far, here is the link:

Honey Syed
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Join Text Cash Network – Do It Now

Join Text Cash Network – Do It Now

Greetings Friends,

I hope you are in a good health.

I just wanted to give you the heads up about an exciting worldwide opportunity.
This one looks really promising. I just have to share this with you as this MAY
turn out to be the huge opportunity that it is touted to be.

To do this, I am simply going to copy the first team update which I received.

If you would like to grab a spot, here is the link:

Often times with new, prelaunch/start ups, it is simply impossible to know right
away how the story will turn out.

Well, I have some very good news for you all. My sponsors spent a good half hour
or more last night speaking to the owner of Text Cash Network, Brett Hudson, and
to say he is excited would be a great understatement!

The guys behind this company are razor sharp serious, with huge experience, and
the chances of this company being a huge success story are very large.
We are in great hands here!

The response to TCN has been phenomenal. The brilliance of the concept is clear
and self evident, and if there was ever something that virtually anyone could promote,
this would be it!

So, don’t be shy! Spread the word now before the site goes fully live on 11/11/11,
and create a virally growing legacy for yourself. You will be so glad you did!

Notes on David Reid’s conversation with Brett Hudson, Founder CEO of
Text Cash Network:

* TCN is owned by Brett Hudson and the Johnson Group. There are no other owners
or admin.

* Software is all in house and custom designed.

* They are coming from highly successful traditional sales back ground, and not
mlm arena.

* They have expert professional, experienced guidance and support to integrate
into network marketing.

* They are projecting 1 million members in 6 months. 2 Million or more in a year.

* People are joining at the rate of 100 per hour right now.

* Brett has been a very successful business man.
He took his two previous ventures public.

* People can always join free and earn on their 10-level matrix.

* There will be an optional upgrade level, which will qualify us for the matching
and other bonuses.

* They will be moving into local advertising, merchants etc.

* There is nothing in our industry like Text Cash Network.

* They are going after the model used by Groupon and Living Social.

* Groupon was offered 6 Billion dollars after only 4 years, and that was on an
email platform.

* There will be a full array of marketing tools, giving us everything we need to
market TCN.

* There will be everything we need to spread the word virally via social media.

* There will soon be a generic video for posting on social media etc., explaining
how it all works.

* There will be full customer service support coming online.

* There will be conference calls, webinars, recorded calls, etc.

* We are fully international. In areas that do not support texting, people can
receive the ads via email.

* We can sign up people anywhere, worldwide without restriction.

* All data will be real time.

* With email you never know if someone opens the ad. With text, you know if it’s
been delivered.

* The open rate of text messages is much much larger than email open rates,
and advertisers know this.

* This is a simple application, a virtual product, and guaranteed deliverability.

* Customers will only pay for delivered ads, a huge upside for vendors.

* The back end is already 100% complete. They are ready for the masses to
enter now.

* The technology is already designed, flawless, and ready to go.

* We will be paid on a worldwide debit card.

* They had previously developed something called “happy birthday gift card”,
which was a mobile

app to deliver cash on birthdays, so they are very experienced in this arena.

* They have the ability to create their own internal e-wallet system, and have
experience doing this.

* They have proven experience with processing, orders, payouts, rewards,
moving money, etc.

* There is no question if this is going to fly or not. The company is rock solid
and ready to go.

* Distributors can build this knowing that the company is ready, prepared,
experienced, and fully dedicated.

* People should begin setting up Facebook Fan Pages in every country of the
world, to capture the growing worldwide interest.

* We are at the beginning of something much larger than most people realize,
and those who build now will be richly rewarded.

Text Cash Network Inc. is a new division of a five year old communications
company owned by The Johnson Group. Brett Hudson President of Text Cash
Network Inc. has over 12 years of management experience in the high
technology computer field.

Brett created a start up Dot Com Company in 1996 from the ground floor and
took it public within 2 years, achieved a $42 million valuation before exiting the
Company. He also founded a stored value card company in 2001 that was
acquired by a publicly traded company in 2003.

The company has spent 2 years planning TEXT THE WORLD and to launch
T.C.N. PROJECT 2012 and they currently have the capabilities to text 165 Countries
at the rate of 15,000 texts per minute. Imagine the capability to text 900,000 per hour
or over 215,000,000 texts per day.

The company is now ready for its next phase to get 100 million people around the
globe to opt into the T.C.N. Communications Network. The moment they accomplish
this incredible goal they believe T.C.N. will have a valuation of over 20 billion dollars.
They plan to take up to 50% of their sales and value and share them with the T.C.N.
Referral Agents Worldwide who have helped them accomplish this goal. Imagine up
to 10 billion dollars in value shared with the people who help build the infrastructure!
Do you remember the truck drivers, cashiers and others who started with Walmart
and ended up as millionaires?

By registering with us today you are now at the foundation of T.C.N. Your team starts
with YOU. T.C.N. has made it SIMPLE, EASY and PROFITABLE for you to build a
large and potentially profitable team quickly. Using the power of duplication of 2, 3, 4
or even 5 the company can get the message around the globe in 2 to 3 years.


1.) Share T.C.N. with your warm market and all your e-mail and text contacts.

2.) Put it out on your Facebook, Twitter and any and all of your social networking sites.

3.) Begin use the T.C.N. “Get The Word Out” Advertising Platform in your Back Office today.

With the power of just 2 referral agents could build a team of over 2,000 in a 10 level
referral grid. Just increasing it to 3 could grow to over 88,000 and with 4 or more is
just hard to even put into print. The most important one right now is YOU. What need
to do right now need is follow The T.C.N. plan which is ENJOY IT & REFER IT = PROFIT.

I hope that today, you begin to enjoy the journey of building your new Text Cash Network
and to achieve a level of success that most only dream of.


Honey Syed
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Earn From Mobile - Global Opportunity - 100% FREE

Have you heard about being paid to receive texts?
We have an 10 Day Head Start...!!!

just go sign up now... NO payment required..
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A 2x10 Maximum Payout is $2,302.50
With Matching Bonuses it is $6,907.50

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With Matching Bonuses it is CRAZY...

After you get your link send it out to everyone
and every contact you have... Get it on your
Face Book and all your Social Media Accounts...
You get paid on those who join you on your team
that are receiving texts too!

This is Your Gift of A Lifetime


Some people are confused about The TWO Text Companies... TextCashNetwork Started at 10:30pm on 10/30/11, so if you signed up in any other prior to THAT NIGHT - That is NOT US... The only URL being used is textcashnetwork NO OTHER...

We are ONLY promoting TEXT CASH NETWORK Inc

HERE IS WHY... #1 they pay like 100 times more than ANY OTHER and #2 is that: TEXT CASH NETWORK is owned and operated by The Johnson & Johnson Group

The Johnson & Johnson Group
Mr. T. Michael Johnson as it's C.E.O. & Mr. R. Christopher Johnson as it's President. They have been in the Internet Software Business since 1994. They were in a race with AOL at that time to introduce The World's Best Internet Communication Portal. They have continued to be in the internet communications business and were the backbone of many companies with millions of users. Seeing what has happened in the Coupon and Internet Advertising Markets. With such successes as Groupon, Living Social and others they felt it was time to launch Text Cash Network. At first they were going to do it the traditional method of spending millions in TV & Radio Ads. But midway after researching the referral marketing model. Decided to launch Text Cash Network Inc.

Why did we get a TEN DAY JUMP START with this incredible Opportunity? Two words "JOE REID"... One of The Johnson & Johnson Group management team was once in the referral marketing industry and knew of Joe's reputation for taking companies into the marketplace. Joe started off consulting with them and is now the only person direct to the company.

Our team management convinced Joe that they should not open up the flood gates and that they should use us as their TEST TEAM and get any bugs out of the system. Joe convinced J&J to do a WHISPER LAUNCH... And we got the gift of a lifetime.

Our team recruited over 400 people in less than 12 hours... We estimate our team will build a 10,000 team in 10 days. However we need you to do all you can to really make it happen. Forget about referring 2 or 3. The market is so ripe for something like this you should be thinking a minimum of 25 or 50 referrals.

Every affiliate has the same Gift of A Lifetime... What are you doing with yours...


The T.C.N. "Get The Word Out" Advertising Platform will soon be up... We suggest you spend not 3 to 5 minutes daily as they mandate but as much as 3 to 5 hours and take advantage of being the first to know in an opportunity that will soon be known by millions if not hundreds of millions.

Honey Syed

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