Thursday, November 24, 2011

If you have not joined TCN so far, here is the link:

Good morning, Good afternoon or Good evening, whatever it may
be at your end to all the valued business partners of our team.
Just go through what David Reid has shared on November 9 about
Text Cash Network two days before the start of official pre-launch
of the company. We all know that David Reid is among top leadership
in the company, his group size has already touching 33,000 in just
18 days, WOW...Just go through what he has to say below:
I just wanted to quickly touch bases and let you know that I had another chat early tonight with Brett Hudson, the president of Text Cash Network.
TCN, as you may know, is growing very rapidly, and I just wanted to confirm again, just to be sure, that this was the real deal, we were building on solid ground, and this would not end in disappointment, like so many other opportunities have in recent months and years.
When we see something that starts to take a life of it’s own, and makes sense, like TCN is and does, we want to believe that it could be real. We don’t want to be let down again, with bad ownership, unprofessional management, legal problems, inability to deliver, and any various number of other issues. Life is far too precious to be wasting time in dead end deals, and we desperately need to be building on honest, solid, market/product driven ground, that is irresistable, viral, financially sound for the company, highly lucrative for the reps, and has everything in place to handle massive growth.
We want something easy, early, real, and fun, where we can do a little work to get things going, and our organizations take a thrilling life of their very own, as others see the vision, and duplicate. I believe this is one of those rare combination of factors. It does not take a rocket scientist to see the viability of this model. It’s obvious. It makes sense that advertisers would love to promote their offers to a willing and captive audience, that eventually will be geo-targetted in various ways. I know, as much as we all do, that is sometimes hard to believe, that there actually could be a company that will last, will truly move from the prelaunch stage of growth, and continue to go viral, deep into the mainstream. And getting into the mainstream, being a truly product/service driven company, is the only way to create lasting success.
Well, I am beyond happy to say that I believe from the core of my being, that this could be and is one of those companies. After speaking with Brett Hudson for the 2nd time, tonight, my confidence level of where this company is going has risen even more, and it was already very high. I do not say this from any level of hype, but from genuine inner enthusiasm. I am excited! The people behind this are highly seasoned and experienced. Bios on Brett Hudson and the Johnson Group will be posted on the site. This will have a fortune 500 look and feel to it.
They have very big plans for this company, and know exactly how to get there. over 3,900 distributors today, over 19,000 members so far. I know some doubt this is real, or are sitting on the side, waiting to see. All I can say is that I think all doubts and fears are going to quickly vanish as people see this pre- launch, see all the aspects of the compensation plan, meet the management team, understand the vision of TCN, and continue to see an ever increasing viral growth. Of course as payments go out, site upgrades happen, customer service comes online, and this thing takes a life of it’s own, it will be those who took the chance at this early stage, and spread the “no risk” word, who will be smiling. Over time, things always become evident, and neither fear and doubt, nor hyped up overblown expectations, will turn out to be the reality here. When we see what exactly Text Cash Network is, not what we believe about it, then everything will become clear.
On 11/11/11 we will have the official prelaunch of Text Cash Network. I think this is going to be a blessed day for all members, and the beginning of a long, exciting, and highly fruitful experience for TCN members. This is easy to share with folks. People instantly get it. One thing Brett has said over and over in our conversations:
“Just tell them, they can know for sure…we will deliver on our end. Everything is in place and ready to handle the masses. We know this will be huge. The back end is rock solid. The distributors can focus 100% on building, with total and absolute confidence. People will soon see how real and how big TCN is”.
So, there you have it my friends. Don’t sit on the sidelines, for these last few precious days before official pre-launch. People who have never had success before are seeing the little bit of work they took to share this with some friends, turn into hundreds and hundreds of people, and growing ever faster. Text Cash Network, I feel in my bones, is going to be one of the rare companies, that truly explodes into the mainstream, and creates fortunes for those who see the vision and take action. If you choose to, at any time, you can do the needful and be one of those. Don’t pre-qualify anyone. In this economy, there are few who are not looking for a plan B.
This is for real, and more and more networkers are feeling it with TCN. There are bigger and more mainstream networkers taking notice and joining TCN now. You are here, at the beginning, with a rare opportunity in your hands…
Don’t say I didn’t tell you. Let’s take these next few days before the beginning of pre-launch, step out of our confort zone, and share TCN with everyone around us. No risk, huge potential gain, perfect timing, for a service that is “no brainer obvious”. I don’t know what else to say!
Thanks for reading, and I hope you get my drift.

David Reid


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